DrugRehab.com: A Web Resource for OCD Patients Suffering From Co-Occurring Substance Abuse

We recently learned of a web resource that provides helpful information for individuals with OCD who are also fighting substance abuse and addiction. Researchers have found that as many as 3 million adults may have OCD at a single time. Many people suffering from OCD attempt to alleviate their anxieties with drugs or alcohol and can […]

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Let’s End the “I’m so OCD” Trend

By Melanie Lefebvre   OCD is not a meme. It’s 3 letters that should be seen, for the reality of what can feel like tragedy.   “I’m so OCD.”   Self-proclamations knock me to my knees. An injustice to the torment, the terrorizing dread. You don’t recognize its breadth.   “I’m so OCD.”   Said […]

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By Alison Dotson Sometimes I can’t believe how much progress has been made in OCD awareness in recent years, and I feel so lucky to have had access to fantastic care and understanding people when I was diagnosed with OCD 10 years ago. We have a long way to go with many people still conflating […]

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