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Overcoming “Hit and Run” OCD

Thinking you killed someone every time you drive is gut-wrenching. What’s a girl to do? Stop driving, that’s what. Little did I know that the avoidance of driving was a compulsion that kept my hit-and-run OCD holding strong. And I must admit, I knew what I should have been doing– Exposure and Response Prevention therapy. […]

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A Patient’s Success Story

Most of all, Jim McAndrew (not his real name) wants to give you hope and inspiration from his experience in overcoming decades of violent obsessions and OCD doubts: I wish people could know how good you feel when you recover.  Most of the other things you read about OCD talk about how bad you feel […]

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Help Them by Not ‘Helping’

You probably know that you shouldn’t be helping your loved one: by helping him or  her do their rituals by giving them reassurance about their obsessions by helping them avoid things that trigger their OCD On the other hand,  you’ve probably already found that it can be hard to resist doing these things. Studies have […]

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