“OCD Acceptance”

We recently learned of a new resource from Bowen Zheng, founder of a website called “OCD Acceptance”. Here’s an excerpt from Bowen and a link to his youtube video:

Hi, my name is Bowen. I’ve suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder for over 5 years now. I had to give up my dream, my school, my hobbies and more to this horrific yet underrated disease. So as I recover, I decided to use my own experiences to help others suffering from the same disease or basically all mental illnesses. The current issue with the way major mental health foundation is that they don’t use the power of Internet to the full extent. Often, they have websites with bad design and no online events at all. Some of them joined social media but still try to raise awareness through the old-fashioned way. So that’s why started OCD Acceptance, using my programming and technology skills, I’m taking the advantage of Internet to help as many people out there as I can.

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